Welcome to the sirens closet, no matter your seducer type Pussykat Clothing turns sex appeal to seduction.

Most people want to escape their daily lives The Star feeds on this weakness, and enjoys standing out from others providing a fantasy.

Charismatic is a presence that excites us.

The ability to delay satisfaction is the ultimate art of seduction and Coquettes are the grand masters of this game.

Those who are more fluid, more ambiguous, and even a hint of androgynous appeals to us all, and the Dandy employs this to perfection.

Attention is the Rakes slave as she employs it to seduce her targets.

Dreams can last a lifetime and this the Ideal Lover knows using to feed on their targets lifelong dreams.

That childish charm excites us when one is able to retain that innocence as well as the natural it is most appealing.

Charm employs seduction without the physical intimacy.



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